You Mean My Garbage Goes to a Landfill?

February 2, 2010

One of the outings we did in Fairfax this weekend was go to Fairfax Scoop – the local ice creamery. Fairfax Scoop serves organic ice cream, and uses fresh, local ingredients. The result is amazing, unique flavors. (I’ve had delicious lavender ice cream there, but my favorite flavor was tiramisu.) They encourage customers to either get a cone or dine in with a glass bowl, thereby eliminating a lot of styrofoam cup waste. If you are taking a cup to go, they provide spoons made from potato, that will break down in your compost. Gotta respect a company that is working to reduce the waste they produce.

Speaking of waste, when we were standing in line (there’s always a line at Fairfax Scoop), I happened to look down at the trash can. Taped to the lid of the can was a sign that said “landfill”. For some reason, that sign flipped a switch in my brain that made me think about where trash goes, like nothing else! I mean, we all know our trash goes to a landfill. Shoot, when I was a little girl I used to help my dad load junk into his trailer, then go to “the dump” with him to unload it. So I’m familiar with landfills. But there is a lot to the saying “out of sight, out of mind”. It’s easy to forget about where things end up after they leave your home. With me being on a new journey to live more consciously, I’m all for things that make me stop and THINK.

I found that simple sign to be so powerful, that I copied the idea. My daughter made this sign for our trash can when we got back home:

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