I Need to Find Me a Farmers’ Market!

February 4, 2010

This past weekend I was in Fairfax visiting some friends. On Sunday my friend wanted to go to the farmers’ market in San Rafael and wondered if I’d be interested in tagging along. Sure! I love a good farmers’ market. My dad goes to the farmers’ market every weekend, and whenever we’re in town we tag along. It’s always nice to walk around in the sun and sample all the fresh goodies and feel like you’re a part of that healthy little community. Not to mention the exposure you get to produce that you may not otherwise see in your local grocery store.

Well let me tell you, the market in San Rafael is not your standard farmers’ market – it’s an EVENT. It was the biggest, craziest, farmers’ market I’ve ever been to. My first clue was the fact that the parking lot was humongous. I guess people drive from all over to get to this one. (I went to their website when I got home and learned that it’s the 3rd largest farmers’ market in California. That explains a lot!) They don’t just have food stalls there. They also have a long aisle of food vendors, where you can buy pretty much anything you’d want for lunch. Yum! Not to mention there’s also a play area for kids. We didn’t head over there, but I think my friend said they even have rides sometimes?

Anyhow, the whole experience made me feel like I need to look into local farmer’s markets when I get back home. It is a different sub-culture of society. There’s something about walking around at a farmers’ market that leaves me feeling so healthy and invigorated and like I’m making such good choices for myself and my family, where diet is concerned. I don’t know if that even makes any sense. Maybe it sounds a bit dramatic. Like “Okaaay, you felt all that at the farmers’ market?” Yes. It does feel different from roaming the aisles of a box supermarket. It just feels good. I need to look into farmer’s markets in my area.


Image Source: Luna, Nancy. “Tustin Farmers’ Market.” Photo. OCRegister.com 14 Aug. 2010. 04 Feb. 2011. <http://fastfood.ocregister.com/2010/08/14/o-c-gets-another-farmers-market/70299/>.

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