The (CFL) Lightbulb Went Off

March 3, 2010

Well the lightbulb has finally gone off for me. Or, shouldn’t it be – the lightbulb has finally turned ON for me? I mean, if I wasn’t really aware of something before, and now I am, doesn’t that seem more like I have come into the light out of the darkness? Like the light has finally turned on? Anyhow, the lightbulb that finally turned on for me is a CFL bulb.

If I am going to overhaul my life and live more consciously, I need to do it in all areas – not just with what I eat and which body products I use. I just started recycling, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction, but there’s still more I can be doing. Another thing we all know is supposed to be so much better for the environment (as well as our pocketbooks), is switching our lightbulbs to CFL bulbs. Again, this is something I know I should be doing, but just haven’t been – with no real excuse.

In my bathroom I have a strip of, oh I don’t know what you call them, kind of Hollywood dressing room bulbs above the mirror? They’re all really big and round? You know what I mean? Well a bunch of those have burned out, but rather than replacing them I would rotate the burnt ones to the outside of the strip. If I had enough working bulbs in the center over where my sink actually is, it was fine. Well I finally went out and bought some replacement bulbs for those, and purchased CFLs.

The first thing I noticed is that when you flip the switch, they don’t light up right away. They kind of work their way to it. Like “I’ll get there when I’m ready”. I didn’t realize that was a feature of CFLs. At first it really bugged me. I mean, if I’ve turned on the light, it’s because I obviously need more light, right? I don’t need more light five minutes from now, or some time in the future, I need it now. But now I’ve turned a corner and actually come to embrace it – prefer it, almost. In the morning, it’s much less abrasive to have the lights ease their way on. And night owl that I am, I’m all about things that make getting up in the morning less painful.

The initial cost of CFL bulbs is more than a standard bulb, but you make your money back over time, because they last so much longer. In my bathroom, my Hollywood vanity strip has eight bulbs in it. Well once the CFLS are all fired up, it’s really bright in there. So I now have the outer four bulbs semi-unscrewed, and I still get ample light. I did the same in my daughter’s bathroom – only three of her six bulbs are all the way screwed in. So not only will these CFL bulbs last longer, we don’t even need to use as many.

Okay, so I’m not the best photographer, and the lighting clearly wasn’t ideal (not because of the bulbs!), but you get the idea.

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2 Responses to The (CFL) Lightbulb Went Off

  1. Odette says:

    What is your recommendation for the best place to purchase the CFL’s or is the pricing pretty standard everywhere?

    • Katherine says:

      I bought the CFL bulbs for my bathroom vanity from Nugget Market (a family owned grocery store here in the Sacramento area). I lucked out, because they were on clearance. Thank you universe! As other bulbs have needed replacing around my home, I have purchased those at Target. They have a wide range of bulb types, and seem to be moderately priced.

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