My Plastic Baggie Beast

March 12, 2010

As I was making my daughter’s lunch the other morning, I had a moment. Not an aha! moment, but rather more of an ugh! moment. I realized that every day, I use three plastic baggies in her lunch – one for her sandwich, and two smaller, snack sized bags for, well, her snacks. And these three plastic bags get thrown away every day by her, after she’s done eating her lunch at school. So that’s three plastic bags each day, times five school days per week, times what, 40 school weeks per year? That adds up to 600 plastic bags thrown away each school year. And that’s just by my one child. Oink.

So I went to my local Goodwill to look for a solution, and voila! I found a set of plastic storage containers, in all different sizes, that will be perfect for whatever snacks I may send her with that day. I also found a plastic storage container in the shape of a sandwich. Now I know plastic containers aren’t necessarily the best thing, but they are better in this scenario because we can reuse them every day, and will no longer be using plastic baggies that get tossed after just one use.

After I left Goodwill, I swung by ROSS and found a set of glass storage containers to use in my fridge. I have always stored leftovers in plastic tupperware, but know that isn’t necessarily the best thing since certain types of plastic release toxins when they get too hot, or too old, and you have to be careful how you wash them, and you cannot re-heat food in them in the microwave or the toxins leech right into the food, so then you have to transfer the food into a separate container anyway when you’re ready to use it, and it’s just a big mess. Now I can store leftovers in the glass storage bowls, and re-heat them later in the same bowl. Saves me from toxins AND more dirty dishes, and that’s a win-win.

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