The Secret – Movie

April 3, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review for the book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. Well now I would like to review the movie.

The back of the DVD reads: “You are holding in your hand a great secret of the universe. It has been passed throughout the ages, traveling through centuries… to reach you. This is the secret to everything – joy, health, money, relationships, love, happiness… everything you have ever wanted. In this astonishing film are ALL the resources you will need to understand and live The Secret. For the first time in history, leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret that utterly transformed the lives of those who lived it… Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein. Now YOU will know The Secret, and it can change your life forever.”

I know the description sounds a bit “Woooo, we’re letting you in on a big secret,” but if you read the book, then you are already familiar with the terminology. If not, the gist of The Secret is that everything is made up of energy. That being the case, the idea is that we are all walking around like radio towers, sending out energy signals, and attracting back to us what we are transmitting out. That is the law of attraction.

I read the book, The Secret, and loved it. It honestly did change my life. But I looove the movie! I am more of a visual person, so really enjoyed seeing the concepts of The Secret played out. It really did bring it more to life for me. Much of the content is the same as the book, but there is different information presented as well. Plus I really enjoyed seeing the various contributors to the book The Secret, share their personal stories on-screen.

I love this movie. If you are more likely to watch a movie vs. read a book, definitely check it out. If you have already read the book, The Secret, and enjoyed it, check out the movie as well. It is a great companion to the book. I have watched it several times, and often have it on in the background, as it is a good reminder for me to keep my energy level positive. Plus I like hearing someone tell me that anything is possible. The Secret helped me see how a lot of my thoughts and beliefs about life, are actually preconceived notions that were passed down to me by someone else. It taught me how to change my programming.

What it comes down to, is both the book and the movie remind me that life is meant to be an amazing experience, and that it’s important, in fact essential, that we focus on what we really want out of that experience.


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