All That is Recyclable?

April 7, 2010

About a month ago I mentioned that our apartment complex finally started recycling. I said I was curious to see how that was going to change our trash disposal, since we weren’t recycling before that (see ‘Finally Recycling More Than Just Men!’).

I had a feeling I was going to be shocked by how much recyclable waste we have, and man – I was right. It turns out, our recycle bin fills up almost twice as fast as our standard landfill bin! The ratio is literally 2-1. Kinda makes me sick to think that before this, all that recyclable waste was ending up in the regular trash. Oink. Ah well. Can’t change the past. At least we’re doing better now. Onward and upward, right?


Image Source: “Single Stream Recycle.” Image. 29 Sep. 2010. 24 Mar. 2011.

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One Response to All That is Recyclable?

  1. Marguerita Schabacker says:

    Recycling is of course very important these days since our environment is getting more and more polluted. .,,*”

    Kind thanks“>

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