Makeup Makeover

April 9, 2010

Today a friend and I had makeovers done at Nugget Market (a family owned market located in the Sacramento area). I know, it sounds odd to have a makeover done in a grocery store, but Nugget is like a Whole Foods. It is more of a gourmet market, and they do have a rather large body care section, where they sell all types of natural lotion, perfume, nailpolish, and makeup. Not to mention they have an awesome cheese bar, and the guy working sent us over a bunch of samples to enjoy while we had our makeovers, so there’s a perk to having it done in a grocery store. ūüôā

Anyhow, the makeup used in our makeovers is by Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. The products are made up of a lot of sea-derived botanicals and active ingredients, that are derived from natural sources. Their ingredients are 100% natural, so do not include any toxins, synthetic chemicals, or animal byproducts, nor do they test their products on animals. Their makeup is vegan and cruelty-free.

Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. has two lines – Gabriel Color and ZuZu Luxe. Gabriel Color consists of more natural, muted tones, while ZuZu Luxe consists of a wider color palette. I like to think of it¬†as Gabriel Color is like Bobbi Brown (which I used to wear), and ZuZu Luxe is more like MAC. The two lines are similar in price though – it’s not as if one is more inexpensive than the other. All the products range between $12 – $30, so we are talking more department store makeup prices. This is not a drugstore deal.









As far as the actual makeup is concerned though, I am really pleased. The colors and consistencies are just as good as typical makeup brands. It stayed on my face just as long as makeup that contains all sorts of icky preservatives (which confirms for me how unnecessary those are). I would love to switch from the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear that I’m using now,¬†to a combination of these two brands. But with the higher price point, that is cost prohibitive. I’ll have to slowly work some of this into my repetoire.

Not to mention it would be wasteful to just dump my current products. Kinda goes against what I’m trying to do on this journey. I’ll have to wait till my Organic Wear¬†goodies run out, then replace them.¬†I think Gabriel Cosmetics is a good next step. Oh, and they also have an extensive line of skincare products.


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