Earth Day 2010

April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day. I have never celebrated Earth Day before, because the festival always conjures images of a bunch of hippies and granola girls, wearing Tevas and tie-dye clothes and hemp jewelry and smelling like patchouli, holding hands and dancing in circles with flowers in their hair, singing Kumbaya. Don’t ask me why. I am aware that is a whole array of stereotypes. But on a side note – isn’t it sad that Earth Day held all those stigmas for me? Like it’s not cool to care about the planet we live on? Hmmm… have to ponder that more later.

Well now that I’m on this journey to live more consciously, and I am trying to be more enlightened, and aware of the effect my decisions make, I am interested in Earth Day. I told my daughter it might be nice to be around some like-minded people. (Funny, how before they were a bunch of tree-huggers, and now they’re “my people”.) So I hopped on the computer to find our local Earth Day festival, only to find out that it took place a few weeks ago. Whaaa? You mean, for the first time I’m ready to celebrate Earth Day, and mingle with my fellow eco-friendly folk, only to learn I’ve missed it? Greeeat.

Well my friend called to tell me about two Earth Day promos (that are happening today), that I may be interested in. The first is that Origins (a brand that I’ve just recently discovered is all natural), is having a promo where if you bring in an empty cosmetics bottle, of any brand, you will receive a full-size Origins cleanser for free. They have two cleansers to choose from. How great is that? If you’re interested in checking out Origins brand, but don’t want to spring the cash without trying it first, now’s your chance! Unfortunately, by the time I heard about this event, every Origins store and Origins department store counter near me was already wiped out. Clearly people love them some Origins. Ah well, sounded great nonetheless.

The second promo is that EcoTools is also doing a swap. EcoTools makes eco-friendly cosmetic brushes, and body products. For every used cosmetic brush or used cosmetic container you mail in, they will send you a coupon worth $7.99 towards any EcoTools product (limit 2 per person). And since you mail your items in, there is no chance of them running out of coupons, so I can still participate in this. All the items they collect will be recycled. The promo is called ‘Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign’.

I have been curious about EcoTools makeup brushes, so this is the perfect way for me to test one out, for free! The handles of their makeup brushes are made from bamboo (which is highly sustainable), and recycled aluminum or stainless steel. The bristles themselves are made of taklon, which is a polyester derivative. Since taklon is a synthetic fiber, the brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. If you are interested in participating in the ‘Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign’, mail your used makeup brushes or empty cosmetics containers to: Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign, c/o Skirt Public Relations, 2320 N. Damen Ave. #2D, Chicago IL 60647. You must include your full name, mailing address, and email address with your products.

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