Why Healthy Hair Care?

May 1, 2010

Over the past few months I have been replacing all of my body care products, with products that do not contain toxins. Some products I used up and then replaced, others I gave away, and some I hung on to because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. You see, some of the products I was using before were rather nice. Well, wait, as opposed to the ones that were mean? Okay, they were good. But… how good can a product be if it contains toxins? Alright, some were expensive, and I didn’t want to just give them away. So naturally, I saved all the best products for my sister.

I came to the Bay Area this weekend to visit my family, and brought the bag of goodies for my sister with me. Only, before I was about to give it to her, I had a moment. I knew my sister would want to know why I was giving a bunch of practically brand new products to her, and I was going to respond with, what? “Oh, well I have recently learned that they all contain toxins like endocrine disruptors and carcinogens, so I have stopped using them, but… thought you might like them? Thought you wouldn’t mind?” Oink. I guess my thinking was – if you use this stuff anyway, then you may as well take my old stuff too.

Well sure enough, when I gave my sister the bag of products, she wanted to know what the deal was. I explained to her what I have learned recently about body products, and that I am on a new journey to live more consciously. This sparked a conversation at the dinner table. My sister was going through the bag, and at one point pulled out a bottle of fairly expensive shampoo. My mom saw it and said “Well now what’s wrong with hair products? Hair is dead anyway.”

Okay. Good point. I see what you’re thinking. So here’s the deal. Most of us like to take very warm, or even hot, showers. When you are surrounded by warm or hot water, and steam, your pores are wide open. Wiiiide open. They practically have little signs that say “Open for business. Come on in!” So while the hair itself may be dead, you don’t just rub shampoo and conditioner all over the hair itself. You massage it into the scalp. So whatever toxins are in the products, are absorbed right into your pores. Not good.

Okay fine, so that’s what happens in the shower. Well even the products that you use outside of the shower, are applied from the roots all the way to the tips. The ends of the hair may be dead, but the roots are not. They are very much alive. So even everyday products get absorbed into the body through the scalp. And this, mom, is why hair care products should be natural as well.

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