Urban Decay Animal Friendly, But Not Human Friendly

May 4, 2010

I just learned that Urban Decay has a bunch of makeup products that are vegan. Urban Decay has always considered themselves to be a cruelty-free company. On their packaging it says “We don’t do animal testing. How could anyone?” I guess they decided to extend that animal friendliness by creating products that do not contain any animal ingredients. 

You know how there are certain symbols in the cosmetics world, that mean certain things? For example, I’m sure we’ve all seen PETA’s logo of the bunny rabbit with the big pink ears, which means that a product is animal cruelty-free. Well Urban Decay has created a symbol for their vegan products. It’s a purple paw, and it means that it is Marley Approved. (Marley is the Executive Creative Director’s dog – pictured below with her owner.)


Naturally, when I heard this I thought “Awesome. There is no reason to test products on animals, or to include animal byproducts in makeup, for that matter. Glad to hear a company as large and as popular and as mainstream as Urban Decay sees that as well. I hope others follow suit.” I’ve never used Urban Decay, but learning that they are cruelty-free and have a vegan line was enough to make me go to their website and poke around.

Well clearly I was giving them too much credit. Yes, they do not test on animals. Yes, they do now have several products that are vegan. HOWEVER, their products still contain toxins. Now I didn’t comb through the entire line, but every single thing I looked at – from the vegan eyeshadow palette to the lip gloss – contained either parabens, or mineral oil (a petroleum derivative) or synthetic dyes – or all of the above. Pretty disappointing.

So the lesson I learned here is that even when something sounds good, you still need to do the research. You still need to read the ingredient list. Because while Urban Decay does not harm animals, their makeup is harmful to humans. Which is strange because you’d think a company would at least show people the same care and respect they show their pets. Sorry Urban Decay, but I’m still not going to be a customer of yours.

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