Affirmation – 5.9.10

May 9, 2010

Today’s affirmation from the Center for Spiritual Awareness is: “Great Goddess surrounds me in all that I want and need. My work is to embrace it. I embrace love, acceptance, abundance, joy, creativity, and that great looking being in my mirror. Today is an awesome day!”

Clearly I’m going to have to get used to the verbage they use on these cards. A couple of weeks ago they referenced the “Divine Mother”, and today it’s the “Great Goddess”. My gut reaction is that this is hokey dokey. However, in the spirit of being more open-minded, I am willing to look past that. It helps to keep in mind that Divine Mother or Great Goddess are just other names for God, Creator, Supreme Being, Higher Power, etc.

This affirmation resonates with me because I need to work on the act of embracing thoughts of love and abundance in my life. I think I’m pretty good with acceptance, joy, and creativity. I know I can work more on the others though.

Oh, and if you’re a mommy – Happy Mother’s Day!

For more information on the Center for Spiritual Awareness, visit their website. (

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