Petal Fresh Organics – Review

May 12, 2010

I love body butter. Especially when you find a body butter that is the perfect consistency – not so thick that it’s hard to rub in, or so thin that it may as well be lotion – which I did in Petal Fresh Organics. Petal Fresh Organics body butter is free of propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors. Instead, they utilize the medicinal properties that are found in herbs. They use natural ingredients, which are certified organic. They are a cruelty-free company that does not test on animals, nor do they use animal derived ingredients, so all their products are vegan. Yay!

It comes in four different scents – Lavender, Lemon Grass, Rosemary & Mint, and Tea Tree & Pomegranate. I tried the Rosemary & Mint, and the Tea Tree & Pomegranate – both of which were yum! The ingredients include: soybean oil, babassu seed oil, sunflower seed oil, turmeric root extract, cupuassu seed butter, nettle extract, camellia leaf extract, aloe leaf juice, lemon peel extract, shea butter, and other oils (depending on the scent) – such as rosemary leaf extract or lavender flower extract. Each variety contains Q10 complex, which energizes the skin.


I highly recommend this body butter. The consistency was exactly what you want – thin enough to apply easily, but thick and creamy enough to feel luxurious. The fragrance was light and not overpowering. The cost is very affordable as well – $5.95 for 6 oz.

For more information on Petal Fresh Organics, or to view their entire product line, visit their website. (

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