Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting – Book

May 27, 2010

Today I want to review an amazing book I just finished – Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting: the astonishing power of feelings, by Lynn Grabhorn. This book is in the same vein as The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. In it, Grabhorn discusses the Law of Attraction, and how we can change our lives with our feelings.

The back of the book reads: “In an upbeat, humorous, and somewhat irreverent style, Lynn Grabhorn introduces us to the amazing Law of Attraction, a new and rapidly unfolding realm of feelings that physicians, scientists, physicists, and theologians are coming to believe is very, very real. Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting clarifies why most of our dreams have never materialized, why the majority of us have lived with all-too-empty bank accounts, tough relationships, failing health, and often spiritually unfulfilling lives. Most importantly, in an easy-to-read style peppered with logical explanations, simple steps, and true-life examples, Lynn Grabhorn shows us how to turn it all around – right now.

The most unconscious thing we do all day long is what actually creates and molds every moment of every day of our lives. And what is this “thing” that governs us so forcefully? Feelings! Grabhorn reveals how our feelings make our lives what they are – not positive thinking, or sweat and strain, or good or bad luck, or even smarts, but feelings: good ones, bad ones, up ones, down ones, and all the ones in between. Until now, we have run our lives on a default setting, manifesting experiences by happenstance rather than intent. Now, with no effort other than paying attention to how we’re feeling, the play becomes our own deliberate creation, and the world becomes our oyster.”

Granted, some of the information in this book is the same as the ideas presented in The Secret. If you have already read that book, you may think you should just skip this one. Don’t! There is a lot of new information in this book as well, and even the ideas that are similar, are discussed in a different manner and expounded upon. I read The Secret before I read this book, and still the pages are spattered with highlighter. I think this book is definitely worth reading – even if you are skeptical to the idea of creating your life through your feelings. Actually, maybe especially if you are a skeptic, as Lynn Grabhorn addresses naysayers as well. Very good read.

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One Response to Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting – Book

  1. Can we say “why are you putting your Life on Pause? phase of life….KEEP LIVING AND LIVE EVEN BRIGHTER THAN EVER! You got it- LIFE DOESN’T END…YOUR STILL HERE AND YOU STILL ARE A VITAL PART OF THIS WORLD (even more so look at all you life experiences that you have that others are looking to learn from!)

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