‘Keys to Abundant Living’ Workshop

June 7, 2010

Yesterday at my church, Ester Nicholson held a workshop called ‘Keys to Abundant Living’. Ester is a licensed spiritual practitioner, motivational speaker, and vocalist. She has performed with Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Al Green, Faith Hill, Beyoncé, Barbra Streisand, and many others. The girl has pipes. But her real success story is how she overcame being a teenage mom, substance abuser, and domestic violence victim.

When I heard she was hosting a workshop at my church I was really excited. When I heard it was called ‘Keys to Abundant Living’, I was even more excited! Abundant living? Yes please! The description on the flyer read: “This two and a half hour workshop will take the participants on an inward journey to understand where they really are vs. where they want to be. The workshop helps you to find answers to the following questions – 1) What do I really believe? 2) Is my attention on what I desire or what I fear? 3) Am I in vibrational alignment with the desires of my heart? 4) Am I resisting or allowing my desires to be fulfilled?”

Well as it turns out, my answers were: “I’m not sure”, “What I fear”, “No”, and “Resisting”. Crap. No wonder I’m not getting anywhere! I’m focused on what I DON’T want, instead of what I DO want, which is only drawing more of what I don’t want back to me. Oink. This was an excellent workshop, which made me realize I have some homework to do!

First, I need to get clear about what it is I want in my life. The movie, The Secret, talks about this. I believe it’s Bob Proctor that says you have to be really clear, and really specific, when telling the universe what you want. You cannot draw good things in to your life, if you are sending out vague, murky signals. This goes back to yesterday’s affirmation as well. Part of it was “I wake up each day knowing what my dreams are, so I know which direction I’m going”. Aha! How can I work towards fulfilling my dreams, if I’m not even sure what they are?! Makes sense to me.

Second, I need to focus on what I do what in my life, rather than fussing over what I don’t want. If we are essentially magnets, and we attract back to us what we send out (which I believe we do), then how will focusing on my fears ever get me my heart’s desires? It won’t. Plain and simple. There’s a line in The Secret book, by Rhonda Byrne, that totally struck me when I read it – “Energy flows, where attention goes.” Time to switch my attention.

I think determining what I want out of life, and then focusing on that, and sending positive energy to that, will naturally put me more in alignment with the desires of my heart. And I need to get out of my own way. If the universe responds to your vibrations, which is correlated to your energy – whether it be positive or negative – and your energy is connected to your feelings, which is connected to your thoughts, then by default I will never attract the things I truly want in life as long as I keep telling myself it will never happen, or it’s not possible. Because after all – why not? Why not me? Why can’t I have love, happiness, abundance, great friends, and good health? I deserve those things just as much as anyone else. But the reality is that I will never have those things, until I truly believe, deep in my core, that I can. Only then can I live abundantly.

For more information on Ester Nicholson, visit her website. (www.esternicholson.com)

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