Affirmation – 6.13.10

June 13, 2010

Today’s affirmation from the Center for Spiritual Awareness is: “Success doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by incident, and the first incident of success must happen in mind. Harmonious relationships happen first in mind, extra cash happens first in mind, self-confidence happens first in mind.”

So I guess this is where a healthy imagination comes in handy? haha  The movie, The Secret, discusses this idea as well. There is a portion of the movie where they talk about visualization. In it, Dr. Denis Waitley says, “When you visualize, then you materialize.” He believes that if you go there in the mind, you’ll also go there in the body. However, all the contributors in the movie say it is not enough to just think about things that you want. You have to get yourself to a place where you feel like you already have it, as it is the feeling that sends out the vibrational pull into the universe. 

So going back to today’s affirmation, it is not enough to simply think about having harmonious relationships, extra cash, and self-confidence (or whatever it is you want in your life). It is more involved than just visualizing those things in your mind. In order to get to the feeling place of having those things, you almost have to play pretend, like we did as kids. I have felt kind of silly or embarrassed when I have tried this so far. In my mind I’m thinking “Who are you kidding?” But then I remember another part of The Secret movie that really struck me. Author Mike Dooley talks about how silly it can feel, and says he’s had people ask him if it’s really necessary to do that, and his response is – “How bad do you want change?”

For more information on the Center for Spiritual Awareness, visit their website. (

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