Look Gorgeous, Love Green

July 7, 2010

Back in April on Earth Day, I mentioned a promo I heard about where if you mailed old cosmetic products or make-up brushes to EcoTools, they would send you a coupon valued at $7.99, good for any EcoTools product. The campaign was called ‘Look Gorgeous, Love Green’. Well they’re at it again. I have a subscription to O Magazine, and in this months issue, EcoTools has an ad for ‘Look Gorgeous, Love Green’. It must be an ongoing promotion.

The ad reads: “REDUCE, RECYCLE, AND… RECEIVE! Does your local recycling program take only the basics (bottles, cans, and paper)? Then here’s how to dispose of your used-up beauty products: Mail containers and worn-out tools to EcoTools’ Look Gorgeous, Love Green campaign. They’ll send everything to RecycleBank – an organization that recycles a wide range of materials through its recycling centers – and reward you with a coupon good for one of EcoTools’ beauty products (with a maximum value of $8). It’s a pretty fine way to go green.”

Well I’m familiar with EcoTools, and the ‘Look Gorgeous, Love Green’ campaign, but I have not heard of RecycleBank before, so I checked out their website. It says: “We trade the actions you make that have a positive impact on your home by saving energy, community by recycling, and the environment by conserving natural resources, for points that you can use for rewards you choose. Those rewards come in a variety of flavors: products, discounts and coupons from the world’s leading brands (think: Kashi), or you can pay the good deed forward by donating your points to support environmental education in schools. You select a green action you want to be rewarded for, and each time we have confirmation that you’ve done it, either through a points code or by recycling, we’ll award you RecycleBank Points. These points can be used for rewards at local and national retailers and online.” Pretty cool concept.

For more information on the ‘Look Gorgeous, Love Green’ campaign, and RecycleBank, visit their websites. (www.lookgorgeouslovegreen.com) (www.recyclebank.com)

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