Polluting My Mind With Bad Music

September 30, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I realized that some of the TV shows I was watching, were not doing anything positive or beneficial for my spirit. I had already mostly stopped watching the N.E.W.S. (Negative Events We Showcase), because it typically leaves me feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, or helpless. But I realized that several of the TV shows I was still choosing to watch, were not adding any value to my life, which meant they were simply wasting my time. And trust me, there are plenty of other things I should be doing with my time (writing, reading, exercising, playing piano, hanging out with my daughter – you get the drift.) So I combed through my DVR, and deleted all shows that didn’t fall into the following categories: make me laugh, make me cry – but in a good way because I’m so moved, educate me, or inspire me.

Well a few days later, I was listening to my iPod, and realized I have some real crap music on there. If I’m going to be so diligent about monitoring what I allow into my mind, and my spirit, and if I believe TV factors into that, then doesn’t it follow that music does as well? So I decided it was time I do some house-cleaning in my music collection as well. Trust me, as someone who has over 400 albums in her music collection, this was no small feat! So I spent the last couple weeks pouring through my music, typically deleting a couple of songs from each album, and dumping some entire albums altogether.

Do you know I realized I had songs called ‘Sideline Ho’, and ‘Assville’ in my music collection? Really? REALLY??? Is that really the kind of music I should be listening to? No. First off, I’m too grown to listen to music like that. Second of all, I have way too much good music in my collection, to waste time listening to the crap. Now in my defense, I did find that a fair amount of my crap music came from friends. I’m actually fairly picky about what I purchase. There is plenty of music out there that I like, but that doesn’t mean I like it enough to go out and spend money on it, or that I want it in my collection. So I have to reeeally like an album to purchase it. But still. Regardless of where it came from, I had it on my iPod. Now why not just leave everything on there, and skip over the songs I don’t like? Because you know what else I realized? It’s my iPod. Why would I even want music on my iPod that I don’t like? How great would that be to only have music that I actually like, on my iPod?

So even though it was a CHORE, and took TIME, I combed through my music collection and got rid of the junk. Now just as with the TV, I’m not saying that every song I listen to has to be positive and uplifting, but come on. I gotta draw the line somewhere. Because when it comes down to it, lyrics like “you’s a ho, you’s a ho, sideline ho” and “it’s an ass affair, heaven must be here” aren’t worthy of me. I’m too good for that. And so is the rest of my music.


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3 Responses to Polluting My Mind With Bad Music

  1. Lansing says:

    Hits home, too. I have something like 3,000 CDs, two iPods with 10,000 songs (yes, ten *thousand*), and another 120 GIG of music on my desktop.
    I don’t have any ‘Sideline Ho’ or ‘Assville’, but there is certainly a fair amount of crap. Several years ago I did the “purge,” too, deleting stuff and getting rid of TONS of CD’s and lp’s which were either crap I never listened to OR – more painfully – stuff I actually “liked” but found too offensive. If I couldn’t imagine my kids listening to it, then, um, why was it in my collection!??

    The good news is that I put all the CD’s and lp’s on eBay and made — get this — $500 bucks! I even put stuff up in lot format; you know, “15 lp’s of classical music” or “lot of 6 rap CD’s”. Basically, almost *everything* you put on eBay sells, I’ve found. I sold stuff I didn’t think would ever sell.
    Should I feel guilty selling my crap or offensive music to others? I admit that I “sort of” did…but not enough to not sell it, anyway! 🙂 It’s not like I was selling illegal drugs or porn, after all, just bad music.

    Anyway, kudos to you for this!

    As far as TV: I love 30 Rock and Futurama. But I basically blew off “must see TV” Thursdays months ago. I don’t need to waste my time watching TV shows, even if they do make me laugh. It’s shallow. (Of course my wife would claim that watching basketball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, or soccer is also a waste of time… Can’t really argue.)
    But N.E.W.S.?? I get that from NPR, mostly. Sure, it leaves me angry or depressed, but it also makes me an *informed* member of society! That’s our responsibility. OK: So I get angry and depressed when I hear about wars or stupid policies or hypocritical politicians, but what’s better? For all of us to just put our heads in the sand and ignore everything? I knew a really smart, intelligent, educated, and “enlightened” (you know, green, organic, health, love, etc.) woman who told me she TOTALLY ignores ALL politics, to keep her “creative spirit” alive and avoid the negative vibes and all that. My response: “Well, I ‘get’ it. But I hope you’re happy with whatEVER politicians end up leading your country, your state, your city, your school board. Because if “good” people stop participating, then bad people will end up in control of everything. And if you think which party is in power or who is the President ‘doesn’t matter,’ you are sorely mistaken.”

    • Katherine says:

      I totally know how you feel! Earlier this year, when I realized that literally all of the body products I was using contained various toxic chemicals, I stopped using them. I didn’t want to just toss them though, as that would have been wasteful. So I gave most of them away to either girlfriends or my sister. BUT, I told them up front why I was no longer using those products, and they were not concerned about the level of exposure you get from say, lotion, so they were happy to take them. This alleviated some of the guilt I felt about passing on my unhealthy products.

      As for the N.E.W.S., I hear what you’re saying. In the post ‘Mom Was Right, TV Rots Your Brain’, I wrote that I do understand the value and importance of being informed about what is going on in the world. Like you, I also typically get my news from NPR, or BBC, as I find they both offer a more well-rounded, global view of the news. Just as I believe it is up to each of us to tend to our spirits, I also believe that we have a civic responsibility as well. I agree that a nation full of people with their head in the sand, would not be of benefit. I have learned on this journey that I am on to live more consciously, that ignorance is not bliss – it’s just plain ignorant. But I keep going back to the comment James Arthur Ray made in the movie The Secret, when he said “I get that you have to be informed, but you don’t have to be inundated.” For example, I have an uncle, who used to keep the news on in the background, all day long. My aunt finally told him he wasn’t allowed to do that anymore, because he would end up in such a foul mood, that it was causing arguments between them! I think his level of exposure was adversely affecting his view of the world, and the people in it. So while I do think it is important to be informed, I also think it is important to find the right balance.

  2. Brendon says:

    I can appreciate this thread. One of my secret indulgences has been the Housewives franchise (I know, I know…). Early on I found it hilarious, a fascinating glimpse into a different life and lifestyle. But several seasons later it is all about fighting and calling each other b*tches. Just yesterday I removed it from DVR because I decided it is not doing anything “positive” for me.

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