Natural Deodorant – Strike 4

November 20, 2010

This past year I have over-hauled all the body products I use, for healthier, more natural versions. Well the one item that I have not found a suitable replacement for yet, is deodorant. If you read ‘Natural Deodorant – Strike 1, Strike 2, and Strike 3’, then you know what a challenge it has been. I was hoping my last attempt was going to be a “third time is the charm”, but sadly it was more of a “three strikes and you’re out”. Only, with something as essential as effective deodorant, I can’t exactly give up. So that’s what brought me to strike 4.

So far I’ve tried deodorants by JASON, Kiss My Face, and Alba Botanica. They were all solids that went on clear, and sadly, they were all fails. So I thought I’d try something different this time. Before I began my hunt for a more natural deodorant, I used Ban roll-on. I never did like the first few minutes after you apply roll-on deodorant. You know, when your armpits are all wet? But after it dries, I do like the way roll-ons dry nice and clear. So when I saw a natural roll-on, I thought I’d give it a try.

The deodorant I tried this time is Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Fragrance Free. It is a liquid mineral crystal formula. It does not contain any propylene glycol, artificial colors, fragrance, or animal ingredients. Instead it contains natural mineral salts, white willow bark extract, and lichen. I had high hopes for this deodorant. And to be honest, initially I thought I may have found a winner. But that was short-lived.

First off, the deodorant is fragrance-free, which ordinarily I don’t mind. I find sometimes the fragrance of deodorant, combined with lotion, plus perfume, can be a bit much. But I started to feel like the deodorant smelled… bad. Like b.o. bad. Like maybe when I would freshen up in the afternoon, because I needed to with this deodorant, the smell of my pits would get rolled into the bottle, and make the whole bottle stink? I don’t know. It just wasn’t good. Now I won’t lie, so far this is the best deodorant I’ve tried. So, strike 4. And the search continues…

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2 Responses to Natural Deodorant – Strike 4

  1. jami says:

    Ok girl, time for you to check out Lush products. Karla first turned me on to these products years ago, but my niece and sis’n law recently reacquainted me. Check out the Aromaco deodorant:

    For some reason there is mention of patchouli — but believe me, this stuff doesn’t smell of hippie, else I wouldn’t apply. So far, I am pleased with it.

    I am loving your blog!!

    • Katherine says:

      Okay, this is the 2nd time I’ve heard about LUSH products. The first was on a blog I like – Vegan Beauty Review, by Sunny. She wrote about their solid perfumes, which sound pretty good. I will have to look into their deodorant, only not Aromaco, as that one contains propylene glycol, which is a petrochemical derivative that I typically try to avoid. 😦

      Thanks for the props on the blog. It is a labor of love!

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