Vegan Donuts in SF Ferry Building!

November 26, 2010

Today I went to San Francisco with my family. It’s one of the things we like to do when we’re all together – hit up the Ferry Building, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Union Square – you know, typical tourist attractions. One of my favorite stops on this routine, is the Ferry Building. They always have fun goodies to sample. (Love the olive oil bar!) Only, this was my first time going to the Ferry Building since switching to a vegan diet, so I wasn’t sure what kind of treats they would have for me – since I obviously won’t be stopping at Ciao Bella Gelato anymore.

Well as I was just about to give up hope, as we were approaching the last few stalls, at the far end of the Ferry Building, something caught my eye. Something I’ve never seen in the Ferry Building before. A giant… pink… donut, to be exact. I walked over there out of curiosity, to be honest, but when I got there, was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was a vegan donut stall! Waaa? Since when? I come to the Ferry Bldg a couple of times a year, and have never seen this stall before. The company is Pepples, and they’ve only been there for six months. I’m glad they are, because it meant there was a yummy treat for me too!

I tried two donuts – pumpkin and maple, and both were divine! When I got back to my parent’s, I Googled Pepples donuts. They have been selling vegan donuts in the Bay Area since 2007. Their bakery is located in Oakland. They make them by hand, everyday. Their donuts are sold in cafes and coffee shops all over the East Bay, and as far south as Santa Cruz. All their ingredients are 100% organic and vegan. They only use local ingredients, and seasonal, fresh fruit. This ensures that their toppings and seasonal fruit flavors are pesticide residue free. Their donuts do not contain trans-fats or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). And not only that, you can taste the difference. Not in the sense of “Yah, I can totally tell this is vegan. Yuck.”, but rather “Yum! This tastes to fresh and delicious!” Well worth checking out. Just one more reason I love the Ferry Building.

For more information on Pepples, or to see if they’re sold near you, visit their website. (


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