Vegans Need B12?

November 23, 2010

This week I’m visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, and today I went to Whole Foods with my dad. Now, just a little backstory about my dad. He has five kids, and likes to brag about all of us – which is great, as long as it’s really brag-worthy news to begin with, and you’re not around while it’s happening. And he will brag to whomever will listen – family, friends, neighbors, clerks at the checkstand – no one is safe. Well with me being 34, unemployed, and single, there isn’t much to brag about these days. So sadly, my new diet is all there is to talk about.

Well we’re at Whole Foods buying things for Thanksgiving, and I overhear him telling one of the employees that his daughter is vay-gen (that’s how he pronounces it). Next thing I know, she’s walking up to me. Great. Put on a smile! Well as it turns out, she’s vegan too. Okay fine, so maybe I understand why he shared the “news” with her. The first thing she says to me is “Are you taking a B12 supplement?” Huh? B12? “Uhhh… no?” (Notice how I answered in question form. Like, “Is that not right?”) Well as it turns out, no.

According to her, the vegan diet lacks certain vitamins and minerals – mainly B12, iron, and zinc. Iron and zinc are easily fulfilled by a one-a-day multivitamin, which is recommended for everyone anyway, regardless of diet. But apparently a typical multivitamin doesn’t provide enough B12. She said that it’s important for vegans to take an additional B12 pill. Well since we were already at Whole Foods, I figured it was the perfect place to buy it. I ended up buying VegLife 100% Vegan B-12 + Folic Acid pills. The pill dissolves under the tongue, which seems easy enough. Problem solved! Now if I can just give my dad better things to boast about.

For more information on VegLife, or to view their complete product line, visit their website. (

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