Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

December 17, 2010

Tonight I was invited to a friends for a Girl’s Christmas Dinner. The only problem is the host of the party is a major meat-eater, and indicated that everything she was going to prepare, would have either meat or dairy in it. In fact, I believe she even said “I don’t know what you’re going to eat.” Well clearly if I wanted to have anything to eat, I knew I would have to bring it myself! 

So I hit up the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. The Co-op is like a tiny version of Whole Foods. In addition to selling groceries, they also have a salad/sandwich bar, a body care section, and even do demos, host tastings, and have cooking classes. They pretty much don’t sell anything that is unhealthy. This is from their website: “The Co-op sells foods free from synthetic additives or processing. We will not knowingly sell products containing artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial flavorings and coloring, antibiotics, and hormones.” Sounds good to me!

I’ve eaten at their salad/sandwich bar many times before, and they always have several delicious vegan options. I knew it was the perfect place for me to grab something for the party. I knew my friend was serving ribs, tri-tip, mac ‘n cheese, and some other sides, so I was hoping I could find something along those same lines. I figured it may be tricky, as they always rotate dishes in and out. Well as it turns out, their salad bar happened to have both BBQ tofu, and mac ‘n no-cheese! Who knew?! And they were both REALLY GOOD. I was not disappointed at all! They even have a little pastry bar, where they sell vegan treats as well. I had a vegan hostess cake, and it was delish!

That is one thing I love about the Co-op. Everything I have tried there so far, that is vegan, has been reeeally yummy. I was really nervous about what the vegan diet was going to be like, but so far, so good! It has been much better than I thought. So far I do not feel deprived at all. If you live in the Sacramento area, and haven’t eaten at the Co-op yet, you are missing out on truly delicious, fresh, locally grown foods.

For more information on the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, or to find out when the next demo or cooking class is, visit their website. (

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