Trader Joe’s Sells Vegan Cookies?!

December 21, 2010

I’m at my parents for Christmas. This time of year, their house turns into a sugar shop. My dad has a pretty big sweet tooth, so you can always find cookies, and about 31 different flavors of ice cream in their freezer. But the level of goodies gets kicked up a notch for the holiday season. We’re talking chocolate chip cookies, persimmon cookies, coffee ice cream, peppermint ice cream, See’s Candies, Fannie May chocolates, pie, Almond Roca, Andes Mints, need I go on? After spending about two weeks here, I typically go home feeling like I’ve gained about 10 pounds.

Well this is my first holiday season at my parents since switching to a vegan diet, so these treats no longer apply to me. Which is a good thing – in the sense of my waist line, but a bad thing, when it comes to indulging my sweet tooth. So I was all prepared to have a treat-free holiday, but then my dad busted out a sweet surprise for me – two bags of vegan cookies from Trader Joe’s! Holla! I didn’t even know Trader Joe’s sells vegan cookies. So I’ll have something sweet to nosh on after all. Yay me!

He got one bag of their trailmix cookies, which I equate to kind of an oatmeal raisin cookie. Now I usually like oatmeal raisin cookies, but I was not a big fan of these. He also got a bag of their chocolate chip cookies, which are amazing! You seriously cannot even tell they’re vegan.









These cookies are like reason #537 why I love Trader Joe’s. I may gain my Christmas-15 from these choco-chip cookies alone!

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