All Deodorant is NOT Created Equal

January 20, 2011

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know I have been on a quest to find a healthy, natural deodorant. That actually works. To no avail. So far. See ‘Natural Deodorant – Strike 1’, ‘Natural Deodorant – Strike 2’‘Natural Deodorant – Strike 3’, and yes, ‘Natural Deodorant – Strike 4’. But I’m still hopeful! Or stupid!

Well unfortunately for my daughter, she has been drug along on this train wreck. And she’s sick of it. She’s had enough of having stinky pits. And quite frankly, I don’t blame her! She turns 13 in a couple of months, her body has started the whole puberty process, she started junior high last fall, and she has P.E. every day so has to change in a locker room. That age is hard enough, without adding stinky pits to the mix!

So I caved, and told her until I find a suitable natural deodorant, she can go back to smearing aluminum in her armpits every day. We went to the store, to pick a stick for her to use. She found one she liked the smell of, handed it to me, and asked if it was okay. Naturally, I read the ingredients, because I wanted to see exactly what we were dealing with. In doing so, I happened to notice the aluminum content. Something I have honestly never looked at before, in all my years… DECADES… of wearing deodorant. Then she handed me another one. Again, I checked the aluminum content and noticed THEY WERE DIFFERENT. Huh? Waaa? It never crossed my mind that deodorants would contain different levels of aluminum, unless you were looking at the prescription strength, or something like that.

Well to my surprise, the aluminum contents were all over the board! The average seemed to be around 14%, but we found some as high as 19%! That is a big difference! Especially when what you’re talking about is a toxin! Apparently even conventional deodorants are not all created equal. So that became the new marker of finding a deodorant for her. In the end, we settled on one that she was happy with, because it smells good, and I was okay with, because it had the lowest aluminum content we saw – 10%. If you are still using conventional deodorant, I urge you to at least switch to one with the lowest aluminum content you can find. That is a small change everyone can make.

For me, this experience was just one more example of how I have been an unconscious consumer all these years. But not anymore!


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2 Responses to All Deodorant is NOT Created Equal

  1. dottie says:

    Which ones have he lowest aluminiium?

    • Katherine says:

      Well it’s been a while since I wore conventional deodorant, so don’t quote me on this, but I believe the lowest aluminum content I found was in a Lady Speed Stick. The aluminum level was 10%. Some were as high as 19%! I had no idea the range was so broad. I assumed they were all pretty similar. But I’d advise moving away from conventional deodorant, as aluminum is a carcinogen. Several companies make aluminum-free deodorants – Alba, Jason & Tom’s are a few. My two personal favorites are made by LAVANILA and LUSH. The LAVANILA is a solid stick (I like the Vanilla Lavender, it’s a very subtle fragrance), and the LUSH I use is the Coconut deodorant powder. Hope this helps!

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