Yogi Cameron on The Dr. Oz Show

January 28, 2011

Yogi Cameron Alborzian is clearly gaining in popularity. I had never heard of him before two weeks ago, when he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Well he’s clearly making the rounds to promote his book The Guru in You, because today he appeared on The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz referred to him as an alternative health guru, and said he is one of the most sought after people in holistic medicine. Cameron said he has a holistic health overhaul, that will make you look and feel younger in just 28 days.

Dr. Oz played a video which gave a little of Cameron’s back story: He said his first encounter with the word “spiritual” was when his best friend gave him a book about spirituality. His friend taught him about spirituality, taught him to do yoga, etc. When his friend passed away, Cameron made the decision to become a yoga teacher. He went to India, where he found his guru, which started his journey. He thought it would be a quick process, but it ended up being the last 10 years of his life.

Cameron believes that people need to practice what they preach, so he gets up very early every morning – between 5 and 6am. He then does a yoga practice that lasts 2-3 hours. He also does a practice at night. When he is treating clients, he analyzes them based on who they are, and what they need. He makes a treatment plan from there. He checks their eyes, their pulse, asks what they have been eating, when they go to sleep, where their mental state is, etc. He said it’s about mind and body, and he continuously goes back and forth between the two. He thinks there are very basic things you can do to change your life. He says it’s about will-power, intention, and wanting to change. He believes that in 4 weeks, you can really turn somebody’s life around.

Dr. Oz asked Cameron if it is really possible to change somebody’s life, with the program he is recommending, in just 28 days. Cameron’s response was absolutely, but of course it depends on how badly they want to change. He said 28 days is long enough to give people a good rooting, a starting point. He then outlined his 28 day plan for a holistic overhaul:

Week 1 is Detox & Diet: Cameron said the stomach is where health begins, in the Ayurvedic tradition. It burns off toxins, churns up food, and takes it for reabsorption in the body. So what you put into the body is the most important. Protect this at all costs. He said analyzing your tongue is a good way to determine how toxic you are. In the morning, look at your tongue – the head is represented at the tip of the tongue, and the stomach is represented by the back of the tongue. If the back of the tongue is coated, it’s an indication of the health of your stomach. Cameron said hot water is a great beginning to the day. If you start your day by drinking hot water, it gently massages the body awake, whereas coffee punches you in the kidneys. He also said to avoid packaged and processed foods, because they are not real food. He called them sub-foods, derivatives of the original food. For example, potato chips are made when you take a potato, dehydrate it, and then add salt. It’s not really food. He thinks we should eat what nature gave us, straight from the ground. He said this food is easier to digest, and more nutritious. Cameron recommended chamomile tea to calm down the nervous system, so is also a great start (if you don’t want to do hot water). He also finds that after drinking hot water in the morning, many people realize they aren’t that hungry.

Week 2 is Energy Boosting – He said energy boosting is somewhat about energy conserving. For example, when you come home, sit down for a moment, close your eyes, and regain energy. He said it is not about drinking coffee, soda, or other stimulants to get energy, but rather about conserving it. This brought Cameron and Dr. Oz to a point that they disagreed on, or vehemently disagreed on, as Dr. Oz said – Cameron argues that you shouldn’t have sex too much. Dr. Oz said in all his conversations about sex, besides the fact that it revs your engines, it brings intimacy. It is one of the ways we find connection, when we can’t find it otherwise. Dr. Oz asked Cameron, “Why do you feel so strongly about reducing the amount of sex people have?” Cameron laughed and said it depletes you when you have too much of it – it’s not about not having it, but rather about not having too much of it (which I doubt is a problem for most people!).

Week 3 is Stress Reduction – Dr. Oz asked Cameron for realistic, practical steps that people can actually do to help reduce stress. Cameron said when you are out all day, it stresses out your sinus area – the eyes, nose, mouth and ears are all connected. A good practice is cleaning out the nostrils with salt water. You put a little salt and water mixture in your palm, block one side of your nose, and suck it up the other side. (It sounds very similar to using a neti pot, sans the pot.) This will clear the sinuses out. He said when you take something out, you should put something back in. He recommends Ghee, which is clarified butter. It’s very greasy and fatty, and the nutrients are calming. He said you take a pinch, rub it inside the nose, and then massage both sides of the nose from the outside. Dr. Oz said this isn’t practiced in Western medicine, so he can’t really comment on it. However, he did acknowledge that when things have been done for 2,000 – 3,000 years, which means it’s been practiced by generations of people, there must be something to it.

Week 4 is Fighting Aches & Pains – Cameron said not to eat late at night. He said it brings great stiffness to the body early in the morning. A lot of joint pain comes from this. He also mentioned Tulsi tea. Tulsi is an Ayurvedic herb, which is great for the immune system. He said it calms down the nervous system, and is good for pulmonary problems as well. It drains all the mucous out.

Yogi Cameron said if you follow these steps, by the end of the 28 day period, you will notice a significant improvement in your well-being. And in the scheme of things, one month really isn’t a long time to do something that can turn your health around.


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