Yogi Cameron on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

January 14, 2011

Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, one of her featured guests was yogi Cameron Alborzian. She credits him for improving her health. He has a new book The Guru in You. He said the book is about Eastern philosophy, self-healing, and mind and body balance. He believes the key is simplifying life.

Some of his health secrets/tips are: getting up in the morning and drinking hot water, instead of coffee or tea. He says coffee is like a slap in the kidney. It shakes the body awake and jolts the kidneys too hard. It takes you really high, then drops you really low. Cameron said hot water gives the body a great internal massage. He said it also eases your appetite. We have gotten into the habit of automatically eating breakfast when we get up, but he believes it is better for your health, if you get up, then truly analyze if you are hungry or not. Many people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but he believes that appetite is individual to you, so you should only eat when you are truly hungry.

Yogi Cameron believes in ayurveda, which is all about mind-body-spirit balance. He said it is a very personal form of medicine. When he wakes up, he analyzes his state – “Am I hungry?”, “Am I emotional?”, “Am I happy?”, “What’s going on with me?” Then he takes the steps to “feed” himself. He also says internal dialogue is very important. We send ourselves a constant flow of negative messages, through our inner voice and dialogue. He thinks non-violence is as simple as not telling ourselves things like “I’m fat”, “I hate myself”, or “I could do better”, because these statements are harsh on the body. They start in the mind, and end up in the body.

He also shared a yoga tip that he does with Ellen. It’s all about balance of the body. Stand on one leg, slightly raise the other leg, then close your eyes. Many people lose their balance as soon as they close their eyes. He says this means the mind is moving a lot. We don’t have to think all the time. He thinks when you get home at the end of the day, you should sit, before you veg out. Before you throw yourself on the couch or the bed, take a moment, breathe a little bit, and see how you feel after that. He said anything you do that brings balance, will keep you from doing things that throw the body out of balance, like eating heavy food, or sacrificing rest by staying up late to watch tv.

Ellen wrapped up his segment by saying she thinks there are so many helpful tips in the book, that will help people find balance in their life. Can’t wait to read it!

For more information on yogi Cameron, visit his website. I have looked around it a bit, and it contains some great information. I have particularly enjoyed the ‘Soul Search’ page. (http://yogicameron.com/soul-search.html).

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