A Doctor That Heals With Love?

February 1, 2011

Today The Dr. Oz Show was titled ‘Dr. Oz Exclusive: Man Claims to Heal with a Prayer”. The featured guest was Dr. Issam Nemeh. He says he can heal people not with surgery, or medicine, but with his bare hands and prayer. Dr. Nemeh has been called a faith healer. He does not like this term, because he feels it means you are excluding the science completely from it, which is not his calling. He said his calling is to bridge that gap between science and spirituality. He has cured people with serious diseases, and doctors do not understand how. Dr. Oz is trying to determine if he is a faith healer, or not. He asked if faith can be the reason the unexplainable happens?

Dr. Nemeh is a trained anesthesiologist, who has bridged his medical beliefs with his spirituality. He said his patients come to him with illnesses that the mainstream medical community does not have answers for. He works in two ways – in a medical office, where he treats people with a high-tech electrical form of acupuncture and an infra-red light, and in churches and meeting halls, where he heals people through his spirit. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people come to his meeting halls for treatment. Skeptics feel his unconventional methods cannot be scientifically verified. But do they have to be? Do they have to be scientifically verified to be true? Nemeh doesn’t think so. He believes you can heal people through faith and love.

Dr. Oz sent his Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. Mike Roizen, to observe Nemeh’s healings. Roizen said it is a real phenomenon. He said there is something there. He doesn’t know whether it is a placebo effect, or an actual gift, but the people he treats clearly feel better. Dr. Nemeh admits there are no guarantees you will be healed. He says a big factor in the success is the patients state of mind. Dr. Oz asked Dr. Nemeh how his process works. How does laying on of the hands heal somebody? Nemeh says there is a connectedness. Science has just recently started discussing this phenomenon. There is no disconnection when it comes to everything that is. He said he is not the energy source, but that we are a part of the all. He said when they have the right state of mind, God connects him and his patients together. He does communicate things to him. He can feel the things that are going on in his patients bodies.

Dr. Oz then discussed spontaneous healing. He said it’s when the body heals itself. The body has this power that we all acknowledge exists, but in medicine they don’t understand why. One of the patients he has cured appeared on the show. She acknowledged that she believes faith is a big component of the healing. Dr. Oz then brought out another doctor that has spent his career looking at matters of faith and medicine, Dr. Jeff Rediger. He is a Professor at Harvard Medical School, Psychiatrist at McLean Hospital, and has a Masters in Divinity. Dr. Oz asked him what’s the harm in believing that God can help you get better? Rediger said nothing, as long as you avoid either-or thinking. Both medicine and faith are great gifts. Oz asked him how he explains these miraculous recoveries. Rediger said we are not just physical beings, we are also spiritual beings. Physical beings need oxygen, spiritual beings need love. He said one research question is whether there is a connection between love and healing. He said that is something that modern science is just beginning to tiptoe into.

Dr. Oz then asked him about the placebo effect – the idea that just by thinking you’re going to get better, you will get better. Rediger said he thinks we use the placebo effect excuse to dismiss things we don’t understand. When someone is healed after taking a sugar pill, for example, he said this could be a spontaneous remission, a mis-diagnosis, faith, a certain mental state, we don’t know. Nemeh said it is an example of mind over matter. Dr. Oz asked Nemeh why he is able to heal people through prayer, when often times other people praying for them didn’t work. Nemeh said that everybody has the same access to healing, that he has. The only thing that is of importance is their state of mind, right where they are. He said the highest state of mind is the love that we have for everyone around us. One of the audience members asked him if you have to be religious to be healed. He said no, you can be an atheist. But the one important thing that matters is the love that we have, that’s where the truth is, because the heart of God himself is love.

Here is the video from the show: (http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/man-faith-healer-pt-1). For more information on Dr. Issam Nemeh, or Dr. Jeff Rediger, visit their respective websites. (www.drnemeh.com) (www.drrediger.com)

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