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Skin Deep – Cosmetics Safety Database

August 7, 2010 A couple of days ago I wrote about the Environmental Working Group, which is an organization that exposes threats to both us and our environment, and then works to find sustainable, healthy solutions. One of the tools … Continue reading

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Environmental Working Group – Great Resource!

August 4, 2010 Last week I mentioned an organization that I like, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which works towards legislative reform that will eliminate toxins from our body products. Yay! I briefly mentioned another organization that they often partner … Continue reading

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The ‘Dirty Dozen’… Not the Movie

January 11, 2010 Yesterday I bought a produce scrub brush and produce wash (Fruit & Vegetable Wash by Environné) at Trader Joe’s. Well today I washed all the produce I bought, and I gotta tell ya, I was shocked by … Continue reading

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